I do not believe in one perfect diet.

Every couple of years a new diet comes out promising to be the key to health, happiness, and the 'body of your dreams.' These diets usually have strict rules, and if they don’t work for you, then you must be doing them wrong. The problem with these diets is that every body is different. Just like how our eyes and hair and facial structures are different, so are our insides. Each body functions in its own, totally unique way. I work with each person to understand their individual body chemistry, lifestyle, and goals.

But the principles of good health are universal. 

My nutrition education and training is based on a traditional foods diet.  Doctors who have studied traditional cultures all around the world  found that those cultures that ate their traditional diet – not one filled with packaged, processed foods, sugar, and artificial additives – did not suffer from modern disease. The peoples eating traditional diets lived long lives of abundant health and happiness. Their children were strong, intelligent, and capable.

Although there is no list of foods that work for everyone, the research of traditional diets shows us that health is our birthright, and we can achieve it by eating real food that has not been altered by labs and processed by factories.

The  Human  body  is  designed  to  feel  good  –

we just need to give it the right tools.

I come from a family of farmers. My grandmother had peach trees and my mother taught me how to can vegetables from the garden. Over the past 10 years I have continued to expand my knowledge of nutrition and develop my cooking skills. I’ve learned the nutritional benefits of preparation methods like canning, simmering, fermenting, and making my own herbal remedies for my family's immunity. By doing things the old-school way, I feel like I am tapping into the wisdom of my great-great-grandparents and breathing new life into old traditions.

If you want to start feeling better and living a life filled with energy, joy, and vitality I will teach you these methods, and show you how simple, nutritional principles can lead to a healthier, happier life.  

All you need is to be open, ready,

and willing to change.