"As an addict, it's not easy to be truly honest with a therapist.  Her no-nonsense approach, genuine concern, and professional expertise helped guide me to a place of recovery that I never thought was truly possible.  I can't say enough good things about this amazing woman!"

Jayme, 39, St. Louis, MO

“I feel free and able to enjoy the outdoors!!”

"Working with Meredith has been so very eye opening. Issues I have had all my life, that I thought were just part of my genetics, are now so clearly due to digestion and nutrition. I have always struggled with debilitating allergies and been very sensitive to bug bites, mosquitos, etc. After a solid year of taking supplements and working through my digestive issues, I now realize I am forgetting to take allergy pills or keep repellent with me.  Before I literally had to take them every time I went outdoors, even just to go out to dinner. I feel free and able to enjoy the outdoors!! It's amazing. She is not only a wonderful guide, but also has become a dear friend, always supportive and patient.”

Sue, 38, Brooklyn, NY


"I am so grateful for Meredith! She was able to recommend supplements that have completely eliminated the digestive issues I've had for years. From itchy skin to bloating to PMS, she's been a wealth of knowledge."

— Kristin, 42 years, Petaluma, CA



"All of my life I have been dealing with allergies and, as I have gotten older, my sensitivity to everything under the sun has continued to get worse, not to mention the agonizing menstrual cycles since the age of 14.  For the past two years I have been doing investigative research to try and figure out why I am so fatigued, have brain fog, and just do not feel right, even though I exercise, eat healthy organic foods, and have taken vitamins for years.   

Then I started working with Meredith, AKA Sherlock Holmes, and I am on a path to feeling truly healthy in mind and body.  Meredith leaves no stone unturned in finding the underlying issue and recommending the nutrition and supplements that are right for you.  With the regimen that Meredith has started me on, I truly feel so much better in all of these areas and know that I will only get healthier in mind and body."

Christy, 40, Baton Rouge, LA

"Meredith Makes it easy to integrate wellness                    into your life."

"I'm so grateful to have been alongside Meredith in her growing journey through the world of health and wellness. I've participated in and enjoyed her classes, workshops and cleanses; she makes it easy to make health/wellness an integral part of your life.

She brings loads of valuable information that is always delivered with humor and playfulness. She is informed and energetically connected. Wherever you are on the spectrum of a wellness lifestyle, Meredith will meet you and help you expand your awareness.

I highly recommend the Home Remedies for Immunity class!"

-- Ann, 43, Petaluma, CA


"Meredith is interesting and full of knowledge"  

"She has helped me to understand the importance of the food we put in our bodies, which helped me change the way my family eats, cooks, and shops.  I’ve also learned so much about basic food items I used to buy, and realized how easy and fun it is to make them myself.  Now the whole family reads labels and asks good questions about the food we eat.

I found her Home Remedies class very inspiring."

-- Lori, 45, Napa, CA


"Meredith always manages to share a wealth of information without belittling or boring her audience.  So thankful to have her as a part of our team! " 
--Laci Sandoval, owner of Wind & Rye Kitchen